Your Local Walk-In Clinic Should Have These Services

These clinics perform a number of different services that are fast and convenient. A walk-in clinic provides the public with a large range of services that can be used to enhance the quality of their health and well being.

What Types of Services Does A Walk-In Clinic Provide?

These services range from pregnancy tests to hearing tests, and since these clinics are usually open throughout the year, you will be able to make use of them for all of your healthcare needs. Here is just a sampling of the many services you can enjoy.

1. STD and HIV Tests

STD and HIV testing can be done at a walk-in clinic and it recommended that you visit this facility once or twice a year in order to get tested and prevent the spread of these diseases, especially if you are sexually active. They also provide various preventative and treatment information.

2. Pregnancy Tests

Pregnancy tests can be obtained and administered at one of these facilities and they usually only take a few minutes to complete. Again, they also offer information that can be helpful.

3. Physicals

Physicals are something that the whole family needs to take at least once a year. This test will be administered to check the overall health of an individual and point out areas that might be causing problems in the present or the future. This is a wonderful step in preventing all kinds of ailments.

4. Flu Tests / Shots

During certain times of the year, especially at the beginning of winter, the flu becomes quite common. In order to prevent you or your family from becoming sick from the flu, you can visit one of these facilities for a flu vaccination.

5. Cholesterol Testing

If you are worried about your cholesterol, you can visit one of these facilities in order to get it tested. One of the biggest benefits of having your cholesterol tested is the fact that you can prevent future health-related problems from occurring by altering your diet and lifestyle in the event that your cholesterol is too high.

6. Hearing Tests

Hearing tests are administered at these facilities and they are especially popular for children and the elderly. They take only a few minutes to conduct.

7. Animal Bites

Since these facilities are open throughout the year, they are great for those times when accidents, such as animal bites, occur. Animals can spread a range of diseases through their bite and this is why it is so important to get any bite inspected and treated as soon as you are bitten.

8. X-Rays

If you have been injured or you think there is a possibility that you have been injured, you can visit one of these facilities for an x-ray. You can then take this x-ray to a regular doctor for treatment if you need it.

9. Paternity Tests

Paternity tests can be obtained from these clinics although you might have to schedule an appointment for one of them.

These are just a few services that a typical walk-in clinic offers. Head to the nearest one today to see what else they can do for you.
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