Topics To Be Discussed In The Russian Automotive Conference 2019

With the global recession expected to be in its last stages, the world economy is bracing itself for a big comeback. In Eastern Europe, this begins by the staging of the foremost Russian automotive conference, AutoRussia 2011. One of the leading car manufacturing and production industry conferences in Russia that brings together OEMs, Tier1 and Tier 2 suppliers, international and local, to Russia for a series of lectures and discussions about future plans for the automotive production industry. The two-day event is packed with lectures and activities important to the automotive industry. Here are some topics to be discussed in AutoRussia 2011:

First, you can expect sessions on how the Russian government is providing incentives and opportunities for automakers to grow and expand their businesses in Russia. This is the only conference where you will hear what new Government agreements on 166 / 506 are signed and what economic incentives are available in Russia which companies can take advantage of in order to grow their business. Together with this is the discussion on the most recent developments to happen in the Russian economy and how it affects manufacturers, suppliers and everyone involved in the car manufacturing industry.

Aside from explaining the national perspective with regards to the automotive production industry, the conference also discusses what local governments can do to help in the growth of the industry in Russia. Sessions are devoted to understanding how the changing market dynamics will affect your business and where the new business opportunities lie. Local Government officials will reveal the latest projects that can further expand the automotive industry in Russia. All of these will be discussed plus the fiscal policies present in every city that carmakers can take advantage of.

AutoRussia represents the entire automotive supply chain in Russia. The event is supported by all OEMs based in Russia, as well as hundreds of suppliers and partners. The conference will offer a unique opportunity to find out who signed the new agreements with the Russian Government on rules 166/566. The event will have a practical focus covering the latest strategy developments from leading OEMs and the Tier 1 suppliers in the region. It will provide you with an opportunity to ask the federal and the local Government questions on acute investment issues in Russia whilst addressing supplier management issues as well as the probability of the next cost cutting round.

AutoRussia has a leading speaker faculty of purchasing execs from OEMs as well as senior officials from the federal and local Governments. They will give participants their insights and opinions and reveal strategies which will keep your company ahead. This Russian automotive conference will give suppliers plenty of ideas that can improve their overall business. AutoRussia 2011 aims to cover a lot of ground when it comes to further advancing the car making industry in Russia. This one of a kind car manufacturing industry conference provides a venue for industry players to exchange ideas and trends in a formal forum. This event will bring together the key players in the industry and share their secrets to succeed in such a competitive environment.