The Paris Attack By Gunmen Took 12 Innocent Lives

The Paris issue at present is the biggest of all with gunmen entering into the office of the magazine Charlie Hebdo and killing 12 innocent people. On Wednesday, three fully loaded gunmen, believed to be Islamic Jihadis, made the staffs of the office their target leading to the loss of some of the most prominent figures of the newspaper.

The time the gunmen entered into the newspaper was 11:30 a.m. in Paris time and the important members of the newspaper were attending an editorial meeting.

The Scary Gunshot Incident In France

The eminent people turning to be the victims of the gunshots include the 47-year-old Charbonnier, economic-affairs columnist Bernard Maris, 68, and renowned cartoonist Jean Cabut, 76. A total of 10 newspaper staff are killed in the incident along with two police officers. Assamese news alert in collaboration with the Digital News Service Assam has been making repeated news alerts on the incident that took place in France.

As stated by the witnesses of the mournful incident, the gunmen were speaking perfect French. The main objective of the terrorists was to kill the newspaper staff and hence, they started making continuous firing on the victims immediately after entering into the office. Once they finished firing on the people present in the office, one of the assailants shouted, “We killed Charlie Hebdo.” A video made from a nearby building makes the terrorist’s shout clearly evident in reply to which, the U.S. Secretary of State John F. Kerry said, “The murderers dared proclaim Charlie Hebdo is dead. But make no mistake, they are wrong. Today and tomorrow in Paris, in France and across the world, the freedom of expression this magazine represented is not able to be killed by this kind of act of terror.” The video footage has also been aired by the Assam News channels making people aware of the intensity of the terror.

The Scary Gunshot Incident In France

The reason for the attack on Charlie Hebdo has been stated as its frequent satiric comments and caricatures of the prophet Muhammad. Before this as well, in November 2011, the magazine was firebombed as a result of its publishing a caricature of the prophet Muhammad a day before the incident. It had even named the prophet as its “editor in chief”, ironically. Securities had been provided to the magazine to prevent further attacks.

Footage of the panicked employees scrambling onto the roof of the office has also been broadcasted by the Digital News Service from Assam which makes the terror prevailing on the spot clearly visible. Although the video footages are not quite clear, it can still disclose the situation of the moment. Another video recording has also been collected which has footage of the gunmen coming out of the newspaper office, firing a police officer and escaping from the spot riding on a black car. The News of Assam is providing timely and recent updates on the incident along with the English Pratidin so that people can realize the seriousness of the matter and feel the pain of the victims.