REIT And Real Estate Mutual Funds Profile

As you consider your real estate mutual fund and REIT investments, it is important to take a closer look at many of the offerings out there. This article will focus on Adelante U.S. Real Estate Secs Y (LLUYX).

About The Fund Profile

Adelante U.S. Real Estate Secs Y is a mutual fund that is specialized in the U.S. real estate market. Within the fund are a variety of domestic real estate stock holdings that tend to be focused more on the medium size range and are considered strong value assets.

About The Fund Profile

Fund Performance and Rating

When it comes to an overall look at Adelante, it has always performed in the average to the above-average range, performing in the top 10 in its category in February. While some wonder if average to above average is good enough, in trying times those that stay at a strong base level or above are the kinds of mutual funds, stocks and other stock market offerings you should be taking a closer look at. After all, there is not much more trying on real estate, and the other markets, than the type of economy we are dealing with right now. Those real estate mutual funds, REITs, stocks and other investments that can hold their own and keep their head above water, while so many others are failing, are the kind of investments you want to be keeping on your side.

Where Does it Invest?

When it comes to deciding which items to put into Adelante U.S. Real Estate Secs Y, the mutual fund manager and company have a simple philosophy. They look for those companies that are currently trading far below what they should be. It always happens that there are dips in the price of any company and this is what the Adelante U.S. Real Estate Secs Y looks for. They scoop up the stocks of these real estate investments when they are at a low, so the stockholders can enjoy being a part of the increase in profit as the stocks return to the higher levels where they should have been all along.

How Does It Choose Investments?

Another thing Adelante U.S. Real Estate Secs Y looks for in their stock, bond and other investment options is for a strong management team. They understand that even the best real estate ventures can fail if those managing the real estate don’t know what they are doing. So, in addition to looking for a good value, they also look for a strong team running those investments.

What’s in the Portfolio?

Among some of the well-known investments in the portfolio are Simon Property Group, Equity Residential, and Nationwide Health Properties, Inc.

Adding to your Portfolio

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