Tips For Planning Successful Health Fair Event

Planning Health Fair events can be an overwhelming process, often we miniaturize the mass traffic, or sometimes we simply forget some important details which lead to other things going unsatisfactory. If this has ever happened to you or you certainly don’t want to make these mistakes.

5 Must-Know Tips For A Successful Health Event

Tip #1 “Early Start” Starting early will increase your chances of getting the speakers for your event, as well as getting approvals, legal requirements, etc HIPAA, meeting local Health department guidelines, and insurance. The earlier you start planning a health fair, the more likely your success in gathering all the resources required for harmonize event. Early start enables you to approve bids for health care provider within your general demography. The head starts also give providers ample time to devise needed supplies for your health fair.

5 Must-Know Tips For A Successful Health Event

Tip #2 “Planning Committee” Divide volunteers into a variety of committees, each of which will have its own function. Each committee’s functions should be in writing outlining their responsibilities with realistic timelines. This will not only help keep the planning process confirmed, but it will also allow the work to spread evenly among participants. You may want to start at least six months in advance to ensure a smooth event. Be sure to schedule monthly meeting to ensure committee groups are making progression with their objectives. Ensure subcommittees are created for the following etc: promotions, media coverage, Public relation, sponsors, security and refreshments.

Tip #3 “Welcome Invitation” To ensure your health fair gets the participants to stop at your booth you should displays “Try ME”, or “Try Free Products”. Often participants are hesitant about trying products displayed at the vendor booth. You want to invite each passer-by to take a conscientious look at your exhibit contributions. This is not the time to be bashful engage participants with questions relative to your products that will pique their interest in coming over for a closer look.

Tip #4 “Health Care Materials” Ensure health care information is current, display handouts with relevant health information as well as provide a reference to links and websites with additional information on health issues discussed. Provide interactive materials such as health-related puzzles, questions, raffles. Ask participants permission to be placed on your newsletter mailing list. Also, everyone likes free giveaways, if your budget permits provide free materials such as wristbands, cups, pens, coupons. This is your way of saying thank you for participating in Pyrimed’s health fairs. Leaving a good lasting impression will increase publicity as well for your next event.

Tip #5 “Follow-up Survey” It’s necessary to know how successful your event has been, the best evaluation would be gathering information from your participants. Put together brief questionnaires that will provide insight on your overall success. This will provide the information needed to ensure that your next health fair event is larger and more successful. You may also capture names and email addresses to create a database for email invite in anticipation of your future events.