Mental Health Blogs For Teens To Follow

According to the recent surveys, the mental disorder has dominated almost the entire community and is more highlighted within the teenagers and young adults.

Useful Health Blogs You Need To Know

Consequently, educating the majority on mental health and battling the disgrace of dysfunctional behavior has become the first priority. Here appears the role of mental health bloggers who smartly has taken over this responsibility to deal with teen mental health issues. Let us find out the top mental health blog that is strongly dedicated to the teens.

Useful Health Blogs You Need To Know

Alexa Curtis

Alexa Curtis, the blogger and social motivator for teens hailing from the small town Mansfield, Connecticut, has provoked her blogging outlet at the age of 12. She started with a fashion blog by the name of “Life In The Fashion Lane”, but gradually has become a platform where Alexa share her feelings and viewpoints regarding teen mental health issues and body image. Alexa’s blog, renamed recently as Life Unfiltered with Alexa Curtis, not only showcase the reality, the disorders but simultaneously end up with an advice or motivational tips. Recently, she has drafted a blog regarding eating disorders of teens and got a huge response from her audience. Though Alexa prefers to write for young adults and teens, anyone of any age group can favor following her blog in order to gain some inspirational stories and tips.

Natasha Tracy

Natasha is yet another blogger, speaker, and social media consultant that an individual may follow. Alike Alexa, her blogs are influential as well and mainly deal with bipolar disorder. She started her blogs since she was 20 and eventually gained a lot of recognition and dignity by sharing inspirational thoughts and teaching others. In recent days, Tracy encountered a pioneering survey of patient perspectives on electroconvulsive therapy.

Therese Borchard

Therese Borchard is known as a mental health writer and activist. She prefers to focus on the areas of depression, nutrition, and holistic health. Her words mainly dedicate the people who are suffering from depression and other health issues.

Anita Sanz

Anita Sanz is an eminent mental health blogger and psychologist, strongly recommended for mental health disorders and its related issues. Her blog “I’ve Got Your Back” strongly confined to these subjects. One looking for any mental health solution may also find her on Quora with ease. Besides being a blogger, she can also be preferred as a good therapist, so as to improve their mental condition.

Kelly Bishop

If someone is looking for unique ideas to discuss their emotions, mental illness, health, or life, then Kelly Bishop can be a wonderful decision. Her recent blogs demonstrate how sadness can be soothed because it offers a point where things never get worse. In addition, the readers may find her creativity in her every blog post.

Jamie Lauren Kailes

Kailes, one of the top mental health bloggers has recently gained the dignity through her most popular article titled “Depressiongrams”. Her article also includes some of her images relating to depression. All her blogs coupled with her images directly intend the people who are mentally distorted. All these offer an insight into what depression looks like, its variants, and how it can be dealt with.