Learn To Build And Manage A Medical Spa Business

They are all the rage. With an industry that is growing at a rate of 35% to 40% each year in gross sales volume, it is easy to understand why. With the fantastic appeal of a medical spa, it is also simple to comprehend why there are hundreds of new businesses established each year that are devoted to keeping us all looking and feeling younger.

Cosmetic surgery is not a new story, but the ability to obtain the benefits of many cosmetic medical procedures without the risk or inconvenience of anesthesia, cutting, potential infections, side effects or recovery time is a dream come true for thousands of people.

Start A Medical Spa Business

This, of course, raises the question, how does one break into the medical spa trade? To become a medical spa owner there many factors to consider and prepare for, as in any business. The first step is to narrow down a menu of services. In other words, decide what you are going to sell. There are more than a dozen different cosmetic medical procedures that are commonly practiced in a business of this type, but that does not mean that you have to or that you would necessarily want to become involved with them all.

Start A Medical Spa Business

When developing a menu of services, there is a number of things that you will need to evaluate. Demographics are a major part of this process. Is the community you are considering working in comprised of an older or retirement-aged crowd? If so, you are likely to find that anti-aging service will be very popular. The elimination of wrinkles and the tightening of lax skin, for example, are going to provide this segment of the population with a lot of benefits. This same group, however, may not find services such as laser tattoo removal, permanent laser hair removal or acne reduction incredibly appealing. A neighborhood full of young families may have a significant interest in these procedures.

In addition to demographics, you will need to become familiar with local regulations regarding who may perform these procedures. This varies from state to state, and may ultimately limit what kinds of procedures or equipment you can utilize depending upon what professional licensure you hold. All states require the involvement of a medical doctor in a supervisory role, but many states allow services to be delegated to other appropriately qualified personnel.

Once you have completed a menu of services, this will dictate what kinds of equipment you will need to invest in to have the right tools available to work with. There are dozens of different models for nearly every application, so be sure to do your homework. Next, you will need to identify a suitable facility and begin the construction phase.

Perhaps the most important stage of the development of a medical spa is staff technical training. Proper training leads to positive treatment results and helps to minimize the risk of patient injury. Once you have laid out a marketing plan, staffed your facility, acquired the necessary insurances, completed your building construction, furnished the facility, set-up your utilities, and verified local licensure and compliance issues, you are ready for opening day.

It might help to enlist the guidance of a qualified medical spa consultant as well. With an industry that is heading towards an estimated $120 billion in annual revenue, the demand is currently exceeding the supply and the market is ready for more reputable and well-prepared service providers to fill their needs.