Dynamic Health Newspaper For India

Over the years several newspapers, tabloids, and magazines or even web portals have emerged all over the world trying to keep the pace and meeting the growing demands of the public to get updated with the current affairs and recent happenings all over the world.

Most of the newspapers cover news of almost all the fields or beats like International, National, City, Political, Sports, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Business, Music and Art and many more, whereas some are theme-based like an entire newspaper or tabloid based on a particular beat, say only based on City stories.

The Magazine About Health

Many of us may have come across such theme-based publications. However, very few of us may have come across a newspaper or a tabloid or a magazine entirely based on the theme – health, especially in India. The reason behind this is not only due to the limited healthcare-based publications in the country but also due to the lack of popularity of such publications among the people.

The Magazine About Health

Without any second thought, physical condition and fitness play a very crucial role in our day-to-day lives and moreover, today health has itself become a full-fledged booming sector. Especially in the current scenario in which various diseases have occupied a good hold on the people and still various new diseases and illnesses are being discovered by the scientists to date. Although we are so conscious about our physical and mental wellbeing, when it comes to reading more and more about health-related issues and incidents, unfortunately, many of us pay very little attention to it. Getting equipped with fitness based news and information holds as much importance as getting updated with any other news.

Today, people subscribing to a daily paper is a common sight, however, subscribing to a health and medicine newspaper in India is very rare. But few do make optimum utilization of such papers and one of these prominent health-based publications is a health-based monthly newspaper called ‘Drug Today Medical Times’. Circulated all over the country, the paper works with the objective to equip its readers with the healthcare and medicine related news.

It covers all the aspects related to health like news on pharmaceuticals, medical institutions, drugs or medicines, doctors, nurses, hygiene, any events, strikes or conferences associated with health, a regular column on rare diseases, business, national and international health-related stories. Not only it is confined to a sixteen pages newspaper, but also it has a quarterly based medical journal called ‘Drug Today’ which provides complete information about various pharmaceutical companies in the industry as well the details about the drugs manufactured by them for various illnesses.

Having a source of information (whether a newspaper or a website or a magazine or say a tabloid) which provides complete details on healthcare is very beneficial for people of all ages worldwide. The articles carried out by such publications not only add to the knowledge of the target audience or people, but also such articles and news greatly prove to be an aid to the general public.