Automotive Tips To Keep Your Car Long Lasting

An automobile also called a motor car is wheeled that is used to carry a passenger which also carries its own motor. There are approximately 800 million passenger cars around the globe.

The first automobile which was introduced in 1806 was powered by an internal combustion engine which that works on fuel engine. The early history of the automobile can be divided into a number of eras, based on the prevalent method of automotive propulsion during that time.

Tips For Taking Care Of Your Car

We all know that maintenance of your motor car can burn a hole in the pockets and is especially very high for imported vehicles but when you check up your automotive car after regular periods can keep us from troubles. Automobile maintenance is one of the most important aspects, which we generally don’t give attention.

Tips For Taking Care Of Your Car

The maintenance of your auto car helps in proper functioning as well as determining the longevity, performance, and reliability of the automobile, we drive These tips are so simple as well as easy that one can do it on their own and take care of their cars like changing of engine oil, lubricating the engine, checking of brake, brake oil, air filters are some of the many easy car maintenance tips that can be practiced to increase the life of your automobile.

Some More Automotive Maintenance Tips

To check the engine oil at regular intervals: The performance of the car engine is largely dependent upon the engine oil. If you have purchased a new car then it is very important you get your oil changed as your manual suggests.

Working on brakes and clutch plates The brakes of the cars are very important in the perspective of security. You must keep on looking into a number of factors like whether the brake pedal is too soft to press or whether it makes a squeaking noise. Be aware of the relative speed of other traffic. Choose a lane and stay in it. Using brakes is acceptable when turning a corner, especially in urban areas where a pedestrian or cyclist can surprise you.

Checking of tire pressure you must check your cars tires pressure is normal, it should not be below range to check of battery is properly working: the battery of your car should be checked from time to time as well as there should be proper water in the battery.

To check that coolant is working normally cooling air becomes heated as it passes through the radiator. Coolant in the back row of a radiator is cooled by warmer cooling air that coolant in the front row of a radiator.

The interior of the car regularly clean the interiors which will prevent the settlement of sand, dust, grime, salt, etc that otherwise damage the floor surface. Clean the dash, seats and instrument panel and rear parcel shelf. Clean the leather interiors with specific products and avoid cleaners with high alkaline content as they bleach the color of the leather.

Exterior wash windscreens with water and soap followed by clean water wash. When the car is dry, use spirit dipped rag and water solution to polish the glass.

Lights check that the car lights are in working condition. Check the brake lights, turn signals and emergency flashers. Keep spare bulbs and fuses in your vehicle.